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Due to their passion and love for pets, Yushuo International was officially established in 2005. After starting to have my own furry child, I noticed that the general pet diet was really worrying, so I decided to resolutely invest in the pet related industry, hoping to play the role of a pet owner's health consultation and assist in finding the best products for furry children.
Our commitment
We are not only a provider of natural pet food, but also a good companion for your pet's life. We carefully select high-quality pet products, from diet to daily necessities, with the goal of improving the quality of pet life, so that your furry child can have a healthy and happy life.
The original intention of 2005 was to pursue the right concept

In that moment in 2005, we decided to add a vibrant touch to the world of pets. The original intention behind our establishment stems from our deep love for pets and our sense of responsibility for their well-being. Since then, Bowpet International Enterprise has not only evolved into a brand but also a commitment to pet care, advocating for the correct concept of pet ownership, with a special emphasis on proper nutrition.

We firmly believe that pets are integral members of the family, and their health is of paramount importance to us. However, confronted with numerous pet foods made from inferior ingredients in the market, we recognize that pets face more health threats than ever before. This realization compels us not only to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality pet products but also to invest in pet health education. We aim to impart the correct concept of pet care to owners, ensuring that pets lead healthy and happy lives, bringing boundless joy into our homes.

Imported New Zealand natural pet treats and food in 2006

Explore the most primitive flavors

We deeply understand that excessive pet meat products may be filled with too many antibiotics, growth hormones, and excessive seasoning due to shortened feeding time and cost savings. These ingredients not only affect the physical health of pets, but may also lead to various health problems. So, we decided to go back to basics and find a way of eating that can truly present the most primitive taste that pets need.

Imported from New Zealand with guaranteed quality

In order to realize this concept, we began to act as an agent for imported pet treats and food from New Zealand, a country with rich natural resources and unique natural environment. The pet meat in this land comes from vast pastures and clear lakes, ensuring that every piece of pet food is pure, healthy and natural.

In 2007, we acted as an sole distributorship for the full range of products from ORGANIX&Ourpet's from the United States

Since 2007, I have been honored to become the sole distributorship of Organix pet food and Ourpet's full range of pet products. This marks our relentless pursuit of providing the highest quality and most natural pet products, and also demonstrates our commitment to the health and happiness of your pet.

Organix pet food is one of our proud partners. Since 2007, we have been representing this top brand, committed to providing your pets with the purest and most nutritious organic food. Organix is known for its love for natural ingredients, and each product is carefully selected to ensure that your pet receives the highest quality dining experience.

Ourpet's full range of pet products: providing a full range of pet products to meet your various needs for pet life. From carefully designed pet accessories to a variety of colorful toys, Ourpet's is committed to providing your pets with a rich, fun, and high-quality lifestyle item. Our distributorship relationship ensures that you can easily obtain these excellent pet supplies, creating a richer and happier life for your furry child.

2008 sole distributorship for Ausie Pet Natural Dehydrated pet treats

Since 2008, he has been the sole distributorship of the Ausie Natural dehydrated pet treats. This represents our commitment to providing the best quality and natural pet treatws, as well as your pet's commitment to providing the most delicious and nutritious food experience.

100% Pure, No Additives: Natural Ausie Pet's products are certified by HACCP (Australian Food Safety) and have years of dehydration and drying technology. We insist on using 100% pure ingredients without adding any chemical components, preservatives, or pigments. This way of making food that pays attention to the original taste ensures that every piece of pet treats is natural and pure, so that your pet can enjoy the most natural food pleasure while tasting it.

Australia's natural advantage: fully utilizing Australia's abundant natural resources, this pure land nurtures high-quality meat and ingredients. This natural advantage makes these treats more delicious and provides rich nutrition, which helps maintain the health and vitality of pets.

Sole distributor of PetzLife & Canine Earth from 2009

Since 2009, we have been importing PetzLife pet cleaning products and Canine Earth's USDA organic certified pet eco-friendly cleaning products, providing your pets with the highest quality and most natural cleaning and care experience. Our mission is to create a fresh, healthy, and environmentally friendly living environment for pets.

Bowpet International's insistence: As an distributor for PetzLife and Canine Earth, we insist on providing the highest quality products, which is not only reflected in the cleaning effect, but also in our care for pet health and the environment. Each product is rigorously selected and tested to ensure the best care experience for your pet.

Creating an environmentally friendly pet life together: Make PetzLife and Canine Earth's cleaning products your preferred choice in pet life, creating a fresh, healthy, and environmentally friendly living environment for them. Bowpet International looks forward to working with you to create a better and environmentally friendly pet life together.

2010 sole distributor for Pet Gear

Since 2010, Bowpet International has been honored to become the sole distributor of Pet Gear's pet home and outdoor products series, committed to providing your pets with the most advanced and comfortable living experience. Pet Gear's product design focuses on quality, convenience, and fashion, aiming to meet all the needs of you and your pet for home and outdoor use. The headquarters is located in Vermont, USA, founded in 1936 and Pet Gear Inc. established in 2002. Pet Gear Inc. has been focusing on the development and sales of pet products for half a century, adhering to safety standards and concepts in the production of baby products. It is a company in the United States that has brought disruptive design to pet carts.

Make Pet Gear's pet home and out supplies a part of your pet's life, and enjoy the wonderful time both at home and out together. Bowpet International looks forward to working with you to create a more convenient and comfortable pet life together.

2012 sole distributorship for Spring Naturals&Hurtta, Bergan

Since 2012, Bowpet International has proudly served as the sole distributor for Spring Natural pet food, Hurtta Pet Boutique Clothing Collection, and Bergan's full range of pet accessories. These three excellent brands combine natural nutrients, fashionable design, and diverse daily necessities, committed to creating the most perfect and diverse life experience for your pet.

Spring Natural pet food: Known for its ultimate pursuit of pet nutrition. Every natural meal is carefully developed and selected with the highest quality raw materials to ensure that your pet receives the most natural and nutritious food. Spring Natural's commitment is to provide your pet with healthier and more delicious dietary choices.

Hurtta Pet Boutique Clothing Series: Renowned for its unique design and high-quality manufacturing techniques, providing your pet with fashionable and functional clothing. Whether it's professional sports, outdoor adventures, or everyday fashion, Hurtta can meet your various needs. Every piece of clothing emphasizes comfort, ensuring that your pet can maintain pleasure and comfort in various environments.

Bergan offers a wide range of pet daily necessities, including travel suitcases, water dispensers, toys, and more. This comprehensive series aims to provide your pet with a more convenient and diverse life experience. Bergan's products are characterized by high quality, durability, and practicality, ensuring that you and your pet can enjoy the best supplies in their daily lives.

In 2014, sole distributorship of Wholistic pet supplement from the United States

Wholistic Pet Organics is renowned for its commitment to pet health. With over 30 years of experience in champion dog competitions, Wholistic decided in 1998 to develop a range of health and wellness foods, using only complete ingredients and organic certified ingredients. We believe in a long-term commitment to staying away from chemicals and inferior synthetic foods, It is definitely a better way for us to treat pets.

Based on all natural and organic ingredients, without any chemical additives or fillers. This ensures that your pet receives the purest and most natural nutritional support. The products that protect your posture cover multiple health aspects, including joints, digestion, immunity, and skin.

In 2015, sole distributorship for Opie&Dixie, Ticks n All, MicrocynAH, HearDoggy, Godog, Mighty Paws, DURESPORT

Opie& Dixie Natural Organic Cleaning Products:Known for its natural organic ingredients, it does not add harmful chemicals and gently and effectively cleanses your pet. Not only can it protect the skin of pets, but it also helps maintain the softness and luster of their hair, providing the most enjoyable cleaning experience for pets.

Ticks n All is a USDA certified flea and tick spray that uses natural plant ingredients to effectively repel pests while not damaging pet skin health. This is a comprehensive health product that provides 24/7 protection for your pet.

MicrocynAH:is an innovative health product that can be used to clean and soothe pet skin problems. Its efficient formula helps to eliminate redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation while keeping the skin moist, providing quick and gentle care.

HearDoggy ultrasonic toys, GoDog, and Mighty Paws bite resistant toys:HearDoggy uses ultrasonic technology to create toys that your pet can hear without feeling harsh sounds. GoDog and Mighty Paws offer bite resistant toys with high durability, making them an ideal choice to satisfy pets' chewing desires.

DURESPORT Power Lightweight Bounce Toy: Bringing endless joy to your pet. These toys not only satisfy the vitality of pets, but also promote exercise, making them an excellent way to establish intimate relationships.

2016 Sole distributorship for Vintage Pet Food

Since 2016, we have been the distributor of Vintage Natural Grain-free Fresh Meat Pet Food in Canada. Vintage comes from Canada's top baked pet food, using fresh meat without adding meat meals for baking, preserving the original flavor and nutritional content of the food, returning to the concept of nature, using complete ingredients, and developing the closest pet food to raw food.

Using fresh meat as the main source of protein not only provides abundant protein, but also ensures the deliciousness of the food. Fresh ingredients help preserve more nutrients and give your pet a more balanced diet.

In 2019, sole distributorship of Merrick and established our own brand CRIUS pet food

Since 2019, we have been honored to become the sole distributorship of Merrick Natural Pet Food, and we are even more proud to have established our own brand CRIUS Natural Pet Food. Both of these brands represent our commitment to pet health, committed to providing the highest quality and most natural nutritional foods, allowing your pet to have the most delicious and healthy dietary choices.

Merrick was founded 30 years ago in Garth Merrick's home kitchen in Hereford, Texas. Today, Merrick have a team of experienced veterinarians, animal nutritionists, researchers, developers, and more. We try our best to help every pet lead a healthy and beautiful life in terms of diet.

Every food of CRIUS is independently developed by our professional team to ensure that every bite is the best taste and nutrition for pets.

Established self owned brand O'cheers pet food in 2022

Starting from 2022, Bowpet International proudly announced the establishment of its own brand, O'Cheers Pet Food. The birth of O'Cheers is the embodiment of deep concern for the health and happiness of pets. Raising pets brings us infinite joy. For the health of pets, we constantly develop more diversified pet products. Happy City is the meaning. Cooperate with professional pet nutritionists to prepare a series of natural pet cans, pet smoothies and pet treats, hoping that every pet can eat healthily and happily. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most delicious food, allowing your pet to have a healthy, lively, and enjoyable life.

As the founder of O'cheers, we have an infinite love for pets and will continue to demand the highest standards of ourselves to ensure that every products of O'cheers is of high quality and reliable. Make O'cheers your pet's preferred diet, providing the most delicious and nutritious meals for your furry child. We look forward to working together with you to create a healthier and better pet life.

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