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In the past decade, Microcyn ® Patent technology has successfully helped millions of patients, including humans and animals.

Made by the only US GMP pharmaceutical factory in the world with stable HOCI patent technology; Microcyn ® The proprietary HOCI animal health products are highly stable, effective, and non-toxic.

Possessing 53 international patents、13 US FDA and 10 EU certifications.

99.999% antibacterial effect within 30 seconds without damaging skin tissue.

Helps with inflammation, accelerates wound healing, suitable for the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, safe and non-toxic, can be licked by animals without concern, and is safe for long-term and continuous use. It can be used by pregnant and young animals. 

The Macquarie Pet Fairy Water Animal Care Product Series formula has obtained 13 FDA approvals, including (21 CFR Part 807) (21 CFR Part 801) (21 CFR Part 803) (21 CFR Part 820) (21 CFR Part 807.97); Obtained 10 CE mark approvals in the 93/42/EEC Medical Equipment Directive, confirming absolute safety for use on the skin. 

Regarding manufacturer: Oculus Innovation Science Company 

Oculus is an innovative and scientific professional pharmaceutical company that has been listed on NASDAQ (OCLS) since 2007, with its headquarters located in Petaluma California. Oculus's patented advanced technology Microcyn ®, We have achieved excellent results around the world now. 

Oculus is not only a GMP pharmaceutical factory, but also produces according to ISO 9001, ISO13485, and FDA QSR standards. It has reliable quality recognition and has obtained 13 US FDA and 10 CE and EU certifications in cooperation. Over the past decade, this technology has been adopted in thousands of veterinary clinics around the world and over 400 human hospitals in the United States, successfully helping millions of patients, including humans and animals. Harvard Medical Professor's research papers on Microcyn technology have all proven to be safe and effective. 

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