Dawn of Spring Nature
Freeze dried turkey patty
Whole meat protein from a single source - no meat meal or filler
No hormones or antibiotics
Use farm raised turkeys to purchase, produce and package in the United States
Provide a complete and balanced diet for a healthy daily diet
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Yushuo International in (2005)
Formally established
After starting to own their own children, I noticed that the general pet diet is really worrying. So I decided to resolutely invest in pet related businesses, hoping to play the role of the owner's health consultation and help find the best products for the children.
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Provide the healthiest
Pet food
Acting as an agent for wholesale of all kinds of natural and organic pet food, snacks and supplies, our philosophy is to only provide the healthiest pet food and the most practical pet supplies, and vigorously promote the concept of raising pets naturally abroad.
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Create O'chers Happy City Natu
Pet food
Feeding noodles needs to give us unlimited joy, for the sake of energy and material health Kang, we constantly develop more diversified dragon products. Hope every set of eggs Food can be eaten healthily and happily,
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Provide the most practical
Pet supplies
Create a customized care kit for your small pet, including your favorite beauty products, supplements, snacks and toilet bag necessities. Add two or more items to support your pet's daily needs.
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