OurPet’s is an industry leader for Cat & Dog feeding solutions, quality toys, innovative waste management and grooming.

We dedicate extensive energy to understand your pet’s critical link to nature, and our products put mental stimulation, physical activity, and proper nutrition at the forefront. No other brand offers products specifically designed to foster a healthy relationship between pets and their parents. We get the love™

Product Development

Innovation motivates all we do at OurPets, and we strive to develop truly one-of-a-kind products. In fact, most of our products are patented and unparalleled in the marketplace. This unique product design process begins by examining the health, behavioral, and lifestyle needs of pets and pet parents. By finding innovative ways to fill these needs, we offer problem-solving solutions to pet owners and highly-marketable products to retailers.

Quality Assurance

OurPets utilizes thorough safety standards that are routine part of every product’s development and ongoing lifecycle. OurPets’ safety standards were developed using children’s product testing standards.

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