The ingredients we use are entirely sourced from the local North American market and are our trusted suppliers. All products have undergone human testing. I guarantee our ingredients and products here, and I am committed to maintaining this philosophy. I share this with you and hope that your child can also have a healthy and happy life, which is the most important thing in life. 

Opie&Dixie were the first things I saw when I woke up in the morning, and they were my two beloved furry children who accompanied me every night. Every night, I worried about whether they would compete with me for a quilt. I do my best to hope that they will live longer, healthier, and happier! Starting from their diet research, to toys, beds, and cleaning supplies. In 2008, I found that I couldn't find completely safe and natural cleaning products for Abby and Daisy. Almost all cleaning products contain a variety of chemical components that harm the health of pets. Therefore, I decided to develop a series of pet care and cleaning products that meet my requirements. That's how the brand Abby and Daisy was founded! 

Why choose organic

Organic ingredients do not contain artificial synthesis, any chemicals, or insecticides. Reliable organic products like our Abby and Daisy must undergo organic certification to ensure that producers follow the strictest regulations and procedures from planting to production; The cost of organic products and ingredients is much higher than that of general products, as it requires more time and cost from cultivation to production. 

Why Biodynamic Natural Agriculture

You have seen some "bio powered natural farming" ingredients in our hair washing and wetting essences. Biodynamic natural farming method is an organic farming method that considers humans, animals and plants, ecological environment, Earth's movement, and star changes from a holistic perspective as a living organism. In addition to not polluting the environment, it actively adopts organic farming methods that return to nature, restore soil vitality, and cooperate with seasonal changes and the sun, moon, and stars. It is more comprehensive than general organic farming methods and is one of the highest level organic farming methods in the world. Unlike conventional farming methods, it can seriously harm the soil. Biodynamic natural agriculture can restore soil fertility, treat damaged land, and protect the Earth's environment. "Biodynamic natural farming" originated in the 1920s, proposed by renowned anthropologist Dr. Rudolf Steiner (one of the founders of the Organic Farming Alliance). For more information on Dr. Rudolf Steiner's "Biodynamic Natural Agriculture Method", you can refer to the following website: http://www.biodynamics.com/steiner.html

Earth friendly packaging

We use environmentally friendly materials for packaging! The sticker section uses FSC certified materials; It can be completely decomposed and 100% of the factory's electricity comes from wind power generation, non-toxic ink, non-toxic adhesive, and printed on environmentally friendly paper. Using Terraskin packaging method. Let's do our best to distract the Earth together! 

INCI Nomenclature

INCI  Established in the 1970s by the Personal Care Products Council. The main purpose is to make it easy for consumers to identify the ingredients. Although INCI currently only authorizes care products for humans and pet products do not need to be labeled, we believe that consumers also need to understand the ingredients of the pet cleaning products they purchase. 

Of course, not all ingredients have INCI names, but we will publish all of them, and you will see many less common ingredient names in parentheses after the ingredients. 

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