We believe in the magic of pets —in the beautifully raw joy of a wagging tail or a sweet purr. Pets transform our everyday lives into meaningful moments we hold dear.  Like yours, our pets are beloved family members and so much more than life companions. That’s why we believe they deserve our best.

CRIUS was founded when we began searching for delicious, high-quality food for our pets. We were astonished at the misrepresentation in the market, where others claimed all-natural or whole prey protein but cut ingredients with fillers and starches. Determined to find a better solution, we researched what nature intended and then worked with certified nutritionists to create the highest quality product at a more affordable price.

Crafted batch-by-batch, CRIUS is formulated by a certified nutritionist and is all natural, using 100% real meat. Always ethically sourced from natural lands in New Zealand and Canada. CRIUS delivers the highest quality nutrition in every bite, never compromising for cost or fillers.

It is pure sustenance for a strong and healthy life.

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