Contains up to 84% animal protein. The first ingredient only uses true boneless meat to provide nutritious and delicious pet food, which is the fundamental principle we always adhere to. We believe that safe and high-quality nutrition can bring healthy and happy pets.

Miracle Natural Pet Food has been recommended by WDJ for excellent feed for many consecutive years.

【Higher quality ingredients】

We know that high-quality ingredients have the best taste and are also most suitable for your pet. Miracle strives to make the best food ever. This is most important to us

【Trustworthy farmers and partners】

We only choose the best ingredients and always purchase directly from farmers and ranchers we know and trust.

【Strict quality standards】

We have the highest commitment to freshness and safety.

All of our production facilities comply with strict FDA guidelines.

Our kitchen is a Level 3 Safe and High Quality Food (SQF) facility.

By collaborating with organizations such as NSF International, Safety and Quality Food (SQF), and HACCP, we will continue to improve quality and safety performance.

【Real whole food】

We only use high-quality meat, freshly caught fish, and genuine fruits and vegetables. This kind of food is not only worth drooling, but also rich in valuable protein and nutrients that pets need. No fillers, additives, sweeteners, pigments, or preservatives. There is no human error, only kindness.

【Real meat】

Our recipe starts with genuine, protein rich, USDA certified high-quality meat and fresh caught fish to support lean muscle growth, improve skin and hair health, and a healthy immune system.

【Fresh fruits and vegetables】

We use whole apples, potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and other real fruits and vegetables, which are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that dogs need.

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