We are leaders in natural organic pet food, firmly believing that safe and high-quality nutrition can contribute to the health and happiness of pets.

Since its launch in 2003, ORGANIX has been a pioneer in the natural organic pet food market, becoming the first pet organic food to receive USDA organic certification from the US Department of Agriculture.

We understand that pets fundamentally require "high-quality non-toxic" ingredients, not just various promotional slogans created by merchants. It is this commitment that has earned us countless loyal customers who witness the benefits and positive changes brought about by long-term consumption of ORGANIX.


In addition to meeting all the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program for organic certification, ORGANIX is diligent in overseeing and controlling equipment and production in the process of feed and treat manufacturing. Continuous sampling during production ensures various analyses and evaluations for quality assurance.


ORGANIX exclusively selects top-notch ingredients for manufacturing organic feed. The patented formula is collaboratively developed by animal nutrition experts and veterinarians to ensure that pets receive the necessary nutrients for achieving the longest, healthiest lifespan. The organic-certified "Rose" brand's naturally grazed organic chicken is a primary ingredient in ORGANIX's dog and cat food. Raised with organic vegetarian food, these chickens adhere to the strictest organic standards and can be found in many natural organic supermarkets in the United States.


Taste tests show that pets love the fresh and delicious food from ORGANIX, gaining numerous digestive benefits from organic ingredients. It's evident that feeding ORGANIX requires less quantity than other brands, resulting in less and more formed fecal matter due to smoother digestion. Additionally, the advantages of healthy skin and shiny fur are easily attainable.

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