Spring Naturals

Spring naturals started researching better nutritional foods for our furry friends more than a decade ago, and learned that the dog and cat food on the market are made from processed, unidentified protein, chemical additives, and artificial powder feed, which is not available here. We stand up for these self-expressing babies, and to take care of our pets and those around the world, we guarantee the use of natural and fresh nutritious foods.

We were the first to introduce whole pet food and the first to be certified low-glycemic.

The first to use human-grade meats and nutrient-dense superfoods like whole fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables..

Our handcrafted recipes are the most nutritionally and functionally balanced dry dog and cat food on the market today. It is perfect for all feline or canines.

【quality assurance】

We will never use meat powder, additives, high starch, obesity causing agents, artificial preservatives, pigments or spices. We invite you to compare the content of food labels. Other companies claim to use limited formulas or natural ingredients, but add meat powder, additives, or protein substitutes like powder, which increase profits more than pet heart health issues. Because we love our pets, we make dawn meals.

Received the Pet Business Magazine 2011 Pet Industry Recognition Award,

  •        Winner awarded the 2012 Editor's Choice.

  •        Hermes presented the 2011 Platinum Packaging Award.

  •        Pet Product presents the 2012 Dealer Annual Selection Award.

  •       Certified by the glycemic index research association, low glycemic index foods can be advertised.

Pay more attention to the starch ratio of the formula, do not use different types of concentrated powder, and only choose ingredients that truly have nutritional value, so the starch ratio is lower.

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